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Rent an Ardo Carum hospital-grade breastpump with free delivery in the Phoenix, Scottsdale AZ area!

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Ardo Carum Rentals

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  1. BEST VALUE Ardo Carum Breastpump Rental - E0604 - Free Delivery in Phoenix Metro - Kit Not Included

    BEST VALUE- Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump Rental with a 2 week rate option!

    This breastpump may be used with the Ardo Double Pumpset or the Ameda Duel HygeniKit.

    Fully automatic expression at the touch of a button • Suction strength (vacuum) and frequency (cycle) settings can be adjusted individually and independently from one another – in both stimulation and expression mode • Uniquely gentle switching between stimulation and expression mode • It is possible to change between expression and stimulation mode at any time • Sensitive setting for sore or painful nipples • Easy to use and clean *Ardo Double Pumpset NOT included ( tubing, breastshields, collection containers needed for pumping, sold separately).*- BREAST PUMPS MAY ONLY BE RENTED IN THE PHOENIX METRO AREA

    2 Weeks: $39.00  
    1 Month: $59.00  
    2 Months: $118.00  

  2. Ardo Double Pumpset

    Contains 2 Ardo Pumpsets, 2- 26mm breast shells, 2 lip valves, 2-membrane pots, 2- silicone tubes and tube connectors, 2 150ml milk bottles, bottle caps and cap liners. Particularly suited to long-term use of an Ardo Carum hospital-grade electric breastpump. The "Vacuum Seal" Technology creates a 100 % secure barrier against pathogens and contamination of the breast milk. Equally, the pump unit is protected against milk leaking into it. Made of premium Bisphenol-A free polypropylene.
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2 Item(s)